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Our Philosophy

Treatment for persons with behavioral or intellectual/developmental disabilities or substance use problems requires a multi-disciplinary team approach. Treatment staff consists of a psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, emergency service worker, nurse, and case manager.

Day Support/Rehabilitation services are provided at the Behavioral Health Centers (BHC's), Developmental Support Programs (DSP's) and Community Support Programs (CSP's). Residential services are provided at Ashley Manor, Rainbow House, Brandon Home, Alberta Manor, Marc Manor, Kings Manor, Gateway Apartments, as well as our Intermediate Care Facility, Hope House.

The following treatment modalities are utilized to assist individuals:

  • Medication to bring symptoms under control;
  • Therapeutic intervention to increase problem solving and coping skills;
  • Rehabilitation to learn or relearn personal, social, independent living, and employment skills;
  • Client and family education to learn about the disability, its treatment and available services;
  • Recovery monitoring to lessen the chance of symptom or problem relapse;
  • Access to community resources to help people maintain stability, continuity of relationships, and remain in their home environments; and
  • Transition assistance as individuals are admitted to or discharged from inpatient facilities, residential treatment centers, and training centers.

Southside Community Services believes that the services it provides must ensure:

  • Personal Dignity and Respect
  • Individualized Service
  • Least Restrictive Setting
  • Non-discrimination
  • Family Involvement and Support
  • Coordination with other Community Services
  • Confidentiality
  • Protection and Advocacy
  • Quality of Care