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Southside Community Services Board (SCS) was established in 1972 as a public, non-profit organization to provide services to children, adults and families with mental health, substance abuse, and intellectual disability needs across Brunswick, Halifax and Mecklenburg Counties. Every day, we strive to help our citizens achieve the best possible outcomes in health, wellness, recovery, and independence. We view ourselves as community partners with an obligation to deliver the best possible value in return for the community support we receive.

Community Impact

SCS works in partnership with consumers and their communities to provide innovative and evidence-based programs and services.  All of these programs and services are designed to maximize value for the individual consumer and the community. 



Community Economic Impact



In addition to its role as a community service provider, SCS is a contributor to the local economy.  In FY 2012 we directly provided 220 jobs, paid $10.6 million in employee compensation, and spent $13.3 million in total output/expenditures.  Using standard methods of economic impact analysis, it is estimated that these direct outputs may have supported 90 additional jobs, $3.8 million in additional labor income, and $5.7 million in additional local economic output.2